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Wedding Videography

Creative, simple, and fun Wedding Videography is our specialty at Strike Films. With over 40+ weddings filmed and 100+ unique edits delivered, we are here for all your wedding day needs!

Currently, we are based out of Saskatoon, SK, Canada and do not charge a travel fee for weddings located within Saskatchewan. However, we LOVE to travel and will happily send you a quote on a travel fee to the location of your wedding, wherever it may be!

 Contact us now to see if your wedding date is still avaiable!

Wedding Day Highlight Reels 

1 videographer with HD cameras will capture the best moments of your entire day, from the end of bride and groom preparations all the way to the bouquet and garter toss at the reception!

These special moments are woven together using beautiful transitions between the best camera angles, simple text/graphics, music style of your choosing (it can be fast and fun, or slow and romantic) as well as other creative edits to create a stunning and unique wedding video that is usually between 4 - 7 minutes in length.

Depending on the option you choose, our highlight reels can include audio from your letters read aloud, ceremony vows, or small bits from your speeches. 

1 videographer with 1 HD camera will work with you to create a beautiful short story including how you met, how your relationship grew, why you love each other, etc. This is a great video to share with family and friends before AND at your wedding!

Love Story

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